2007 Cherry Blossom Invitational

Senior Ladies Free - Free Skating

Panel of Officials

RefereeElizabeth Stark, Coral Springs, FL  
Technical ControllerLucy Brennan, New York, NY  
Technical SpecialistScott Cudmore, Raleigh, NC  
Assistant Technical Specialist Barbara Williams  
Judge No.1Coco Gram Shean, New York, NY 
Judge No.2Dorothy Dodson, Alexandria, VA 
Judge No.3Anne Cammett, Rush, NY 
Judge No.4Lauren Jackson, Shoreham, NY 
Judge No.5Leslie Gianelli, Baltimore, MD 
Judge No.6Deborah Weidman, Silver Spring, MD 
Judge No.7Lori Sonderegger, Kensington, MD 
Judge No.8 Marguerite Zabern 
Judge No.9Anne Shuman, Castle Rock , CO 

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